Button Templates Available Online

I always encourage customers to look at the Button Template Layout Sheet provided on our site. These layout sheets can be used for multiple reasons.

  1. Print out the sheets – The size of the button will just be a tad bit bigger than the dotted line on the paper. Cut out the circle and put it against your clothing to see what kind of an impact your button will make.
  2. Use the templates to design your very own button and print them – This will not only give you the confidence that you can design a button image, but also give you an even better idea of how your message will stand out on a button.
  3. Gives dimensions to design a template in software you already own- I have customers that use whatever software works for them. It amazes me how they get programs to work for them. Where there is a will, there is a way. You are given the diameter of the image size circle and the cut out circle size.
  4. Shows how many buttons one can fit per page – Once you have your button image, you will have to paste it into another software that allows you to print a full page
  5. First steps before investing in a machine – Most of you want to dive right in and buy a machine. It is exciting, but if you can’t get your designs sized correctly you may get discouraged.

If you are interested in getting 1-1/4", 2-1/4" or even a 3" machine you may want to purchase the Button Builder Pro Software. This software is installed on your computer and allows you to design your button and sizes it for you. Click here for Pros & Cons of the Button Builder Pro Software.




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2 responses to “Button Templates Available Online

  1. Patricia Edwards

    I did what it said to download but it want let put in my image or type what I need.
    2 1/4 badge a minit template

  2. The Tecre Co. machines that we have on our site listed as Professional Button Machines are the same ones that are listed on American Button Machines.

    Many sites offer the Free Shipping, but you just have to see if you are still getting a good offer. Free doesn’t always mean you are getting a discount or really anything free for that matter. I would suggest getting a quote from different sites and seeing what the bottom line is going to be.

    When you are looking at online sources, you may want to look at the prices with shipping and the “free” shipping offers still. Proximity is another thing to look at. How long will it take for an order to get to you? Where will the items ship from?

    Hope this information helps with your decisions.

    Take Care,

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