Problem with 1-1/4″ Badge-a-Minit Mylar Crimping

Here are a couple of things that work when customers are having problems with the mylar not crimping all the way around.

The step number is included to show where the problems and corrections will occur.
My suggestions are in blue.

Step #2 – Make sure the rubber ring on the gold ring is closer to the bottom.

Step #3 – Place hand over hand and while applying even pressure, press down on the green ring until it “snaps” and the downward movement stops.

**This step should be completed from a standing position.**

Step #4 – While standing, place your hands over the red ring in the same manner described in the previous step. Push straight down on the red ring firmly, until its downward movement stops. DO NOT remove the red ring.

** You should still apply even pressure during this step, even though it does not say to do so. If you haven’t noticed, you are pushing the button towards the back so the pin back can be crimped. If it is NOT pushed all the way or UNEVEN the back is not going to crimp all the way around.**

Step #5**There isn’t anything special in the directions for this step, but I have my own suggestions. Before you place your pin back inside the blue ring, you should see the three things. You should see the back of the shell, and the paper and mylar nicely ruffled around the shell. If you do not notice both the paper and mylar then your button will not come out right.**

Step #6 – Make sure the pressure pin on the press aligns with the circular depression in the center of the RED RING. Press down firmly on handle.

**Keep your eye on the red piece. While you are pressing down, you will notice the red piece sinking down. When you don’t see any movement the button should be fully crimped. Applying TOO much pressure will cut both the paper and mylar.**



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