My Professional Machine is NOT working correctly – WHY?

This is starting to be a common question and common solution that needs to be addressed.

Make sure you are only putting ONE shell, ONE graphic, ONE mylar and ONE collet in the machine.

If you put more than one of any of these, your machine will more than likely get jammed. Especially more than one shell.

If you can not get the shell out of the upper die with needle nose pliers, you will have to ship the machine back to Tecre with instructions on how to return the machine. This type of repair is due to user error.

****The customer is responsible for all shipping charges. ****

We are not trying to rain on anyones parade, we can’t be responsible for misuse of the machine. These machines are not toys.

HOT OFF THE EMAIL – A customer just told me that he was having problems where the mylar was not crimping properly. His solution was wiping a little WD-40 on the dies and it worked. Ron’s note after he fixed his machine,
” PS… Now that this thing is kicking out great buttons I love it. Nice design and easy to use. ”

NOTE: We know it is possible to put two pieces of mylar in the machine and it still work, but be careful. I recently spoke to someone that had about 5+ pieces stuck and couldn’t get the handle back up.

ANOTHER QUICK NOTE: We also suggest using Silicone Paste or Spray to lubricate the die also. I think the WD-40 may dry out sooner and leave you in the same situation faster. It’s more common for people to have WD-40 around the house, that is why I suggest it first just to show that a lubricant will really work on the machine.

Thank you for reading and responding below, you guys are great!!

Your machine might even be stuck. Watch the video below to see if this helps.

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12 responses to “My Professional Machine is NOT working correctly – WHY?

  1. One problem we had when buttons stopped processing completely was that the two nuts on the bottom of the plate had come loose and we got incomplete crimp of the mylar. This was on a 6 inch machine and we blew thru 35 bad buttons to get 20 good ones fro a rush job. Once we found out the nuts were loose and retightened them all was bliss and have not had a failure in a year. If things start going wrong, this is something to check.

  2. My mother was using the machine for campaigning at a college and she was making the buttons. Her probelm was she was doubling up on the mylar.

    So I know this happens a lot. I also found I had to tighten a few things.

  3. Todd Smyth

    The WD-40 worked for me. Just sprayed some on a paper towel and rubbed it inside the upper and both bottom dies and it was back to 100% good results. I think the metal must get stressed after making several hundred or so buttons.

  4. If your handle is wobbly – for example, if it moves left to right and not just up and down – then yes, I would suggest tightening the bolts on the bottom of the machine.

    If these bolts are not tight, the mylar will also not crimp properly.

    Thank you for the great responses.

  5. John

    My expierence with Tecre 2 1/4 ” machine and 2 shells in it.

    First of all – As much as possible – escape from such situation.
    Second – if it happenned and you are in trouble – find professional who would help (best of all – manufecturere)

    If there are no other way (this was my case) – do it on your own. I wasted 2 hours, till found – how to do it safelly, dont makeing anything bad to my machine.
    Here is my way:

    1) Unscrow 2 upper bolts, with whom is attached movable part to stand. (All balts are hardened really strong. If there are no good tools with correct parameters at hand – better go to store and obtain ones or ask someone!)
    2) Remove upper part (together with die table)
    3) Unscrow Pickup die from die table.
    4) Put everything back with following changes:
    4.1) Upper die should be turned approx 90 degrees, to escape movement limiters to work (there are 4 limiters – 2 from side and 2 above, attached to upper die)
    4.2) Pickup die should be placed correctly but freely standing (don’t scrow).
    5) Using handle, try that machine works OK (it is possible to push handle down as at normal operation – if pickup die is putted correctly – this should be done very lightly)
    6) Find something hard (strong metal) and put between sides of pickup die and die table (it should be done at least from 2 oposit sides).
    7) Press handle down. Middle part of pickup die should go till die table, but sides should remain lifted from die table.
    It is good idea to do it in many steps – first put smaller hard objects for lifting pickup die, than larger and larger, till problematic part (2 shells or something else) is out. I recommend to do it with many steps because then there is needed less pressure for handle and less chances to do something bad.
    8) Remove again upper part and remove parts of unsuccessive badge.
    9) Put everything together, as was initialy – for normal operation. Harden pickup die and scrow correctly upper part. It should be done strong again!

    Work was little bit dirty, because of oil. But goal was reached without damaging for button machine.
    It is recommended to oil machine again, because during these operations, some oil will be gone.

    This worked for me. This can work for others, too. But this should be done only, if there are no other choice!

    P.S. Perhaps – it is worth to put this information somewhere else, too. Before trying to solve problem on my own, I tried to find such info in web, but – without success.

    • I went on ahead and approved your comment because it took lots of time for you to share your solution. And you did add the disclosure, “if there is no other choice!”

      However, Tecre suggests that you “NEVER” tighten or loosen the two bolts on top of the machine. These bolts are tightened by them and are to the correct specifications for proper pressure. I have two videos on how to get your button maker stuck. They are a little different because the machine can do different things when it is jammed. They are on – the user name is sendtolyle.

      Thank you for visiting and adding your detailed steps, It’s appreciated by all!!


  6. Liz

    my button maker was working fine, then started crimping the mylar the wrong way and doesn’t pick the button up. What did I do wrong and how can i fix it? Any help is much appreciated!

  7. I’m glad I read this post. WD-40 did work for me too! Thanks.

  8. Hooray! You saved me with the WD40/silicon spray trick.

    I was about to throw the whole thing in the lake when I found your site. Terrific help, you have made my day!

    Thank you everyone. : )

  9. Stephanie

    Quick question, im having problems with my machine! I have a1″ button machine that im making interchangeable magnetic bottle cap images with. So instead of putting a pin on the back im using a collet. So when i go over to do the collet part and take my button out of the machine its not crimping all the way, it actually looks like the collet has maybe cut the mylar! Is there any suggestions on what i can do to stop this from appening?

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