Do you have a Badge-a-Minit machine?

Badge-a-Minit makes 4 different types of machines ranging from beginner to professional.

You can view the machines and kits on the Badge-a-Minit website.


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Own a Badge-a-Minit and Need A Better Machine.

Here is an email I received today:

I brought the Badge-a-minit handpress button maker from their main website, and I found it really difficult to assemble the button due to a lack of force. My dad is able to do it without any problem, but I can’t press down the purple+green ring even if I am standing up, pressing with two hands. All the buttons that I tried on my own failed.

My question is, does the Professional button machine requires as much strength as the badge-a-minit set? Or is it less strength demanding? I need to know it before I purchase it.

I have another question. Can we use the badge-a-minit circle cutter for the professional button machine? Or do we have to get the other button cutter.

Here’s my response:

The 2-1/4″ (m225) button machine is much easier to use and is more precise when making a button. You will not have to worry about a button not coming out correctly. Just don’t put more than one button component in the machine and don’t forget the mylar. These are just some of the common mistakes.

The more the machine is used the easier it becomes. You will notice that there is grease on the moving parts of the machine also. You will want to keep this lubricated if it dries out.

The Badge-a-Minit cutter will cut a circle larger than needed for
this machine. If you move the blade to the smaller diameter, it will
be too small. You can visit the Button Resources link and find the 2-1/4″ Standard Layout Sheet.

You may be happier with a handy circle cutter, rotary cutter or even a graphic punch. It just depends on your budget and production needs.

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Buy Button Parts Will Return With New Site

Some of you may have noticed that the site is not available right now. A new site will be available soon. Can’t wait for all of you to see it!

If you have any questions..please call me at 877.816.7646.

Since the site is down, there may be a heavy call volume so leave your name and number and detailed message so I can return your call.

I will be returning messages before and after business hours so also let me know when is a good time to call. That way I can arrange all my callbacks to when you are available.


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Other Software Programs Used for Creating Button Designs?

There are various types of programs available that can be used to design your buttons. I don’t have updates on all of them, but if you have information just let me know. I will be researching the following:

  1. Print Master
  2. Paint Shop Pro
  3. Corel Ultimate Photo II

Not sure about that last one, a customer was telling me about all the ones that she uses and I tried to write all of them down real quick.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hope you all enjoy your 4th of July weekend =)


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Buttons for Your TEA Party!

Logo for

Logo for

The country is still looking for answers with our new President. It’s not a surprise that many are taking a stand and voicing their opinions. A group formed before the yearly Tax Deadline, April 15th of 2009. The site is based on the motto, “We Are Tea’d! – Taxed Enough Already”. You can find organized groups in your area or create your own. Updates are available online and some groups create Facebook pages for more exposure.

You can also order buttons, stickers, TEA-shirts. LOL! Cute.

I know Tax Day has already passed, but now there are rallies scheduled for the 4th of July, 2009. If you missed out on April 15th, here’s your chance to participate. Make sure you protect yourself from the sun if you attend a rally. Always make sure you have your sun screen and water available.

I have never attended a rally, but I hear about them from my wonderful customers.

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Enhance Your Photos in PhotoShop

Many of you have PhotoShop out there. And a large percentage of you wish you knew how to use it better.

Well I was on Twitter today and someone I was following offered this link. As soon as I saw it, I thought about YOU, my customers.

There are examples different photo enhancements you can accomplish on PhotoShop.
I hope you have fun with these new PhotoShop Tutorials.

And if you are interested, you can Follow Me on Twitter. When you follow me, please send a direct message telling me where you found me. That way I can add you to a group. When certain news is available I can send a direct message to you right away 😉

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Site will be back up soon :)

Anyone visiting our site will realize that our site is not there right now.

We wish we could’ve sent out a message, but we weren’t notified that the server was going to be down for maintenance.

So if you want – we will be back soon.




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